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Points Scoring

Your players score points through 5 areas: Scoring, Playing Time, Goalkeeping/Defending, Fouls/Own Goals, and Penalties.  You can then earn double points with whoever you set as your "captain" for the week.  (Insider Tip:especially when thinking about your draft, note that Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo can never be your captains!)


What is a week?  When does it start and end?

Each week your team will earn these points.  Each week starts on a Tuesday and runs until the following Monday.  The deadline for setting your lineup will be just before the first eligible game of that week - keep an eye on the countdown clock on your linuep page.


Insider Tip! Typical Points by Position

Over the past couple of seasons of draftsoccer, we have typically seen the top players at each position score the following each week on average:

 - GK: 4 points / week (top GK gets closer to 6 points / week)

 - DEF: 6 points / week (top DEF gets closer to 8 points / week)

 - MID: 8 points / week (top MID gets closer to 12 points / week)

 - FWD: 9 points / week (top FWD gets closer to 13 points / week)


Squad Rules

Just like a real manager, you need to create a squad that contains a mix of players at all positions.  Each squad should contain at least 2 Goalkeepers (GK), 5 Defenders (DEF), 5 Midfielders (MID), and 4 Forwards (FWD), with a minimum number at each position.  You can then complete your squad with 4 players at any of the positions.  FWD tend to score more points, but make sure you don't cut it too close on other positions because injuries can happen at any time.

Also, remember that you need at least 1 player from each of the 3 leagues (Premier League, La Liga, Serie A).


Eligible Games

Your players will earn points for games in 3 areas: (1) the leagues (EPL, La Liga, and Serie A), (2) domestic cups (FA Cup, English League Cup, Copa del Rey, and Coppa Italia), and (3) Champions League and Europa League (starting with the Play-off Rounds in August)


Swaps Rule (the "Transfer Windows")

DRAFTSOCCER follows the real European leagues, and you can only swap players out that play in the 3 main leagues - England, Spain, and Italy.  So, if one of your players moves to a French or German team, or maybe heads off to play in South America, then you'll want to swap them for someone still eligible for our game.  Just remember to ensure you keep the right minimum number of players at each position and keep a player from each of the 3 leagues on your squad.