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So, you found the site, and you're getting excited!  But how does it work?

Step 1: Go to www.draftsoccer.com (you're already here, well done!) and register for a username (top right corner of the page)

Step 2: Join a League - you need to decide if you want to participate in a PUBLIC or PRIVATE League.  There's no cost to join, so why not try both!  That's right, the best fantasy soccer game in the world is FREE!! 

    -  PUBLIC League: play against passionate soccer fans from around the world

    -  PRIVATE League: play against a group of friends in your own league (Remember, if you create a Private League then you need to invite your friends and give them the League Name & Access code.  This is just your league so you need to get the league filled!)

Step 3: Ranking the Players - you've got your team name and you've joined a league, but now you need players on your squad. What next?  In order to "draft" (pick) your squad, you need to rank all the players in the order that you rate them and want them on your squad.  They are already ranked with a default ranking, so if you agree with that, then you're all set.  However, if you want to make changes as you really think Player X is better than Player Y, then go to the Draft page and make whatever changes you want.

Step 4: The Draft.  If you've played any of the fantasy sports games in the US then you'll probably be familiar with how a "draft" works, and this is just the same.  If not, here's an overview.  Basically the draft is a way to have all the league managers take it in turns picking a player.  Once that player is selected for that manager's squad then nobody else can have him. 

   - Public League - if you picked a public league then the system will take care of the draft for you.  You'll have until the last user joins the league to make your rankings changes.  After that the draft will take place and all the managers in your league will get their players assigned

   - Private League - in this league you can also let the system do the draft, OR you can get together with your friends and do the draft in-person (the person who makes the league selects this when they create the league).  If you do the draft in-person then make sure you prepare your rankings so you know who you want, find a fun place where you can spend 3-4 hours "drafting" (and probably having some food and drinks), and then have a great time!  

UPLOADING THE OFFLINE DRAFT: If you choose to do the offline draft then there is functionality to let you download the template for your league, add in the players all the managers selected, and then upload that file.  The person who created your private league is the one that does this, and they can see this "Upload Draft" button on the Players tab.  (Note: if you're having issues uploading your draft, e-mail the commissioner at "commish@draftsoccer.com")

Step 5: set your weekly lineup each week on your 'Squad' page by the deadline for that week that appears on the page.  The deadline is the first game of the week, so your lineup for that week is locked at that time for that week.  Note: see how the points scoring works on the "Rules" tab at the top

Step 6: Make changes to your squad by dropping then adding players that no other manager has selected yet.  This can be done on the players page and can also be done for free!