Those of you familiar with fantasy sports in the US are probably very familar with a "draft".  For those you haven't done this before, the draft is the way that players get chosen by each fantasy manager.  There is no money, no budgeting, just each manager taking their turn making a player selection.  Then, once that player is selected, nobody else can select him.  The version we use is most commonly known as a "snake draft".  It is divided into rounds — one round for every available roster spot on each team. Your DRAFTSOCCER squad has 20 spots on it, so your draft will have 20 rounds.

Draft Type - In a "snake" draft, each fantasy manager has one pick in each round. Each manger makes their first-round pick based on an order that is randomly drawn before starting the draft.  When the first round is over, the team that picked last in the first round picks first in the second round — in other words, the draft snakes back on itself. The team that had the first pick in the first round now has the last pick in the second round and the first pick in the third round.

Draft Order - The key to building a good team in a snake draft is preparing based on your draft position. If you get an earlier pick, you get the chance to draft one of the very best players. If you have a later pick, you'll land two top-15 overall players rather than just the one elite player. Either way, you can win a fantasy league by drafting well, regardless of your draft position.

Playing Ranking - If you go to the "Players" tab, you can see all the players listed in the default ranking order.  If you never change any rankings then this is how you are saying you would want to draft the players onto your squad - while competing with the other managers for the same players of course!