Welcome to DraftSoccer

Congratulations, you've found the worlds most exciting fantacy soccer game!  Now settle in and read a little about the game (try the "How It Works" tab at the bottom), before registering for a username, joining some leagues, and having a world of fun.

Ever wanted to pretend you were Mourinho, Ancelotti, Moyes, Conte, or any of their peers?  Tried playing a fantasy "budget" soccer game before and been unimpressed because every fantasy manager can have the same players on their squads?  Well, we think you'll enjoy this game a lot more.  After all, Messi only plays at Barca, Balotelli only plays in Milan, and RvP only plays for the Red Devils.  So, now it's your turn to decide who is the most important player to snatch up onto your squad before another manager in your league steals him.

Draftsoccer is created and run by people that love soccer just as much as you do, and people that are passionate about all of the major European Leagues.  The trick to doing well at draftsoccer is really developing your knowledge across the 3 biggest leagues - England, Spain, and Italy.  Most soccer fans know that Ronaldo, Mata, and Hamsik are amazing players, but the trick is who will you select as your 5th defender when you get late in the draft?  Do you know a hidden gem on a team where the player plays every week and his team keep a clean sheet?  Or maybe you've got a sleeper pick of a Forward that has moved to a new team this year and is destined to score a bunch of goals.  This is the type of information that can really help you strive and win your league - and most importantly show others just how much more you know about the beautiful game than they do!

So, welcome, sign up and find a league, and most of all have fun!